Accurate programming and design. To the pixel details.

Everybody knows making your ideas come to life should happen
without a lot of effort so you can get on with the things that matter.

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Our Superpowers

Not all superheros wear capes - some of them wear glasses and they can turn coffee into code!


Responsive Design

We teach our apps to be extremely friendly, no matter what the environment, so they are nice with all the devices.


Clean Code

Programming is the Pixie's world, and we mostly value cleanliness. So we keep calm and code clean.


Security comes 1st

A highly important part of our mission is to make sure that your users will enjoy your services in the safest environment.


Unlimited Options

There is no limit to a Pixie's imagination - you name it, we ask you a lot of questions and then create it.


Fully Customizable

One of our greatest superpowers is that we will give life to your ideas in a matter that will entirely reflect your personality.


SEO Ready

We value the image of your app as our own. SEO elements will always be present in a Pixie made app.

Passionate about crafting smart design and creative applications.

Pixeltech team is constantly developing - applications, websites, as well as personal and professional growth. We value proactive communication and strong leadership, and we also enjoy making time for fun activities.


Meet the Pixies

Definition: "Pixie" = coffee-to-code superhero. Many Pixies put together form the Pixeltech team

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We are big fans of chatting! Share your thoughts with us and a Pixie will very soon respond to you.

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